KTH School of Architecture is the first dedicated architecture facility at the university's main campus since 1970, when they were relocated to a building elsewhere.

But unlike the traditional brick buildings that surround it, it boasts a textured facade of pre-rusted Corten steel.

Architects Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård felt this would be the best way to make the building look contemporary but to still match the red and orange tones of its monumental neighbours, designed by architect Erik Lallerstedt in the early 20th century.

The same material has also been used recently on a community centre in the north of England and a mountain house in South Korea.

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    The six-storey building occupies a former courtyard space in the heart of the campus.

    It has a rounded plan that is slightly triangular, creating a series of generous curved pathways around its perimeter.

    "Curving walls create a free flow of continuous space that enhance the sense of openness rather than enclosure," explained the architects, whose other projects include a mirror-clad treehouse and a row of wooden skyscrapers.