With our knowledge and out of the box thinking, we have created a melting pot of brilliant ideas that become reality in immaculate ways.

Our young energy defines us, providing for fresh ideas that defy the beaten path taken by most. We have found that this unusual collaboration that feeds off all aspects of design, produces unique results that cater to the most demanding of clients who we are proud to have in our portfolio.


Liana Ellina

Liana Ellina

With degrees in Architecture and Interior Design from the distinguished University of Westminster, and a decade spent living, studying and working in London, Liana is an integral part of our team.

Her spatial knowledge and problem solving skills are an advantage and her strong yet sensible nature an undeniable asset to the workspace. Her obsession with detail as well as her need to expand on her already substantial technical knowledge defines her designs. Coupled with her quest for functional yet distinctive spatial design, the results she produces are always exceptional.

Under her watchful eye your vision will became reality, your workspace, home or retail space will be designed to serve your specific needs as well as display that flare for the extraordinary. Effortless, bright and unique can now be the words that define the space that surrounds you.

Evdokia Kyriakidou

Evdokia Kyriakidou

Graduated from the University of Cyprus where she familiarized herself with key architectural concepts while engaging with several projects.

Her solid academic background, enhanced by her work experiences abroad, specifically in Prague where she collaborated with well-known architecture firms, has significantly contributed to her understanding of the relationship between architectural theory and its application to real-life projects

Her commitment to innovation brings fresh ideas to the table, aware and mindful of industrial demands. She is a highly motivated and hardworking architect, constantly seeking to improve herself through learning and following the latest developments in the industry. Her organizational skills, methodical approach and attention to detail reflect on her work. Her passion for architecture and commitment to constant self-improvement render her ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way.

Giorgos Modestou

Giorgos Modestou

With a master’s degree in Architecture and Engineering, Giorgos has graduated from the University of Patras.

During his academic years’ he developed a strong inclination for design fundamentals. During his academic study, he jumped on the opportunity to attend a wide range of courses and projects which explore the scale from beginner to expert. His experience also comes from working in urban and regional planning, structural engineering and bio-climate responsive designs.

He’s passionate about every aspect of art, in every slight detail that can create form and seek new potentialities for architectural design. He is constantly learning new techniques and explores his creativity through modern tools.

Ioanna Papa

Ioanna Papa

The newest member of our team is a graduate of the University of the West of England with a degree in Interior Architecture and professional experience in Bristol and Ljubljana, Ioanna brings her own perspective to the team as a creative designer.

Having been involved in various residential projects while acquiring a solid understanding of design principles and technical knowledge, she produces spatial design solutions characterized by her artistic approach.

Her passion for Interior Design and Architecture inspires her to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and devise new aesthetically beautiful ideas, which can correspond to the needs of each project.

Emily Ellina

Emily Ellina

Graduate of prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Goldsmiths University of London, Emily brings to the team an unparalleled intuition for Product Design. Her work experience in London and Hong Kong have provided her with an extraordinary understanding of innovation and functionality brought together to create one-of-a-kind products.

Her unique and absolutely positive take on daily life produces extraordinary results in the form of one of a kind everyday objects and bespoke furniture. Her art background provides for endless inspiration and like her artwork the products she produces carry the splash of colour that defines her.

In her hands the mundane objects that usually surround you will never be the same again. Her knack for functionality and technical knowledge, combined with her innate creative abilities result in effortless, one of a kind designs that reflect herself; strong, fun and fearless.

Michael Georgiou

Michael Georgiou

With degrees in Photography and Digital Media studies from renowned London College of Communication and Southbank University, Michael currently honours us as our in-house photographer.

His talent has led him to be published in various magazines and websites and he is well versed in the art of street photography. His pictures always tell stories that translate into the benefit of every project he gets his hands on and his happy go lucky attitude towards life brings a new level of positive energy to our workspace on an everyday basis.

Whether it is advertising images or company profiles, products or spatial photography, he manages to capture through his lens the essence of every concept. His pictures will truly translate into a thousand words for your benefit.

George Koné

George Koné

A hybrid of the creative industry, George is both left and right brained, a thing that has pulled him in different directions both academically and professionally. He studied Graphic and Media Design for Advertising at the leading London College of Communication and has a Postgraduate Degree in Advertising and Marketing from Bournemouth University. George has joined our team to inject fresh ideas that translate into workable solutions for our clients.

Extremely talented in more than what his studies suggest, including photography and creative writing, he has been published in The Who Exhibition and has applied his creative thinking skills in various workplaces in London before joining our own.

Advertising and Branding is his passion and his endless supply of fresh and sometimes provocative marketing strategies, make our clients stand a long way in front of any competitor. An innovative thinker he crafts and designs narratives, strategies and experiences for brands and clients. He stands out because his awareness is stretched, his suggestions are thoughtful and his drive is result.

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What our Clients think

  • I loved working with EPSILON! They are very professional, dynamic and hands on. They have bright and innovative ideas but most importantly they had a solution for every problem. We have now moved into our house and thanks to them the outcome is amazing - suitable to be in a magazine. Each detail is seen to and under their supervision finished to perfection! I can not thank the EPSILON architects and designers enough for delivering exactly what we dreamed of!

    Katerina Machlouzarides

  • Working with Liana and her team was a pleasure. Her architectural vision and the project realities were beautifully amalgamated. She had a deep understanding of our priorities, and operated responsively and professionally to all matters. The blend of her personal style and an understanding of ours led to a beautiful, practical, and unique living space.

    Anda Marcela Lariu

  • Beautiful, creative and innovative design! The EPSILON team was always by our side with their unbelievable problem solving skills and their amazing taste and ideas for the design. We just love every little detail in our house as well as the functionality of it all! Thanks EPSILON for helping us make our dream home a reality!

    Neophytos Sofocleous

  • Excellent collaboration, always available when needed by phone and also at the construction site. Amazing problem solving skills, explaining in detail to constructors on how to resolve or come up with a workaround solution on problems we faced during the renovation.In overall I am very happy with the collaboration and with the end result. The most important thing for me is that I am currently living in a place which is much better than I have imagined and I'm feeling very happy about it, thanks to Liana and her team.

    Michail Ellinas

  • I worked with EPSILON on the complete renovation / refurbishment of my sitting room and found her to be a true professional in every aspect. Liana, was always at hand whenever we reached out to her, no matter the time of the day; she was always prompt to our appointments and offered us a wealth of ideas in terms of architectural and interior design. Liana was my liaison to the contractors, and co-ordinated everyone who was involved in the project always ensuring that work was done timely with no delays. With my heavy work-load I could not have done it without the invaluable assistance of EPSILON. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who requires their services.

    Marina Stavrou

  • Working with EPSILON was not only a great experience for me but also the best choice I made. Efficient and mostly creative, Liana and EPSILON’s team managed to deliver the best outcome for my dream shop!

    Paris Pentaliotis

  • EPSILON did what they said they would do, always on time, and always considerate of my wishes. The work is innovative, fresh, and tailored to the client’s needs. It was my pleasure working with them.

    Andreas Koumoudis

  • We wanted our space to be unique, creative and functional but most importantly we wanted it to reflect our passion for Arts. EPSILON took our vision and far surpassed our expectations. By stripping down the building to its core, renovating and redesigning both the interior and exterior spaces meticulously, EPSILON brought our vision for Meltemi Creative Areas to fruition, delivering and fulfilling a dream of a lifetime.

    Leni Loizou

  • Working with the EPSILON team on our home was a pleasure. We received high quality services in the most professional and efficient approach. Attention to detail with due care and skill, accommodated our priorities and home needs. Talented individuals with open minded approach and creative ideas, exceeded our expectations for all our queries. Highly recommended! Thank you for all your support!

    Vasilis Nicolaou

  • Working with EPSILON and in particular with Liana was an inspiration. Not only her brilliant ideas (and she has a lot!) but also her calming way of solving any unexpected problems that may occur.

    Christina Christodoulides-Erhardt